Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Andrew's Coffee and Tea

Andrew's Coffee and Tea

123 Belmont St., S. Easton, MA

Andrew's Bakery Coffee & Tea is a small shop on Belmont Street in Easton, Ma, right across the street from Stonehill College. They only have a few choices of coffee, but the quality and taste made up for the limited options. The choices were House Blend, which was just a light roast, La Minta decaf, and Dark Roast. I had the house blend and it was really good, I tried it black, but I'm a cream and sugar guy so I ordered that on the side. They had some iced options as well, my girlfriend went with me as she was very interested in the visit. She's a JWU student so they don't have classes that let you visit a coffee shop for a grade. She ordered a French Vanilla iced cappuccino, a little sweet for me, but its a favorite for the college students. I would definitely go back here again for their delicious coffee. The lunch menu 
seemed pretty good too. They served traditional deli sandwiches like tuna, ham, turkey, etc. with a variety of breads. 


I went on a Saturday around 11am and me and my girlfriend were the only two people their. From the outside it doesn't seem very welcoming, but when you walk in it has somewhat of a cozy atmosphere. It's very wide open with plenty of seating. You enter from the side and there is the seating area to your right and the register and pastry cases to your left. Once you walk in it is a welcoming atmosphere. Even though the woman at the front didn't know much about the shop, she was very pleasant with us. 

Planning to go?

For anyone who is like me and doesn't like to walk into a new place and stare at menu forever feeling like you're holding everybody up, here's a menu if you decide to go.

Andrew McCormick

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