Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bob's Muffin Shop

My name is Courtney Hardy and I am from Weymouth MA and I want to share about a local business, Bob's Muffin Shop. Bob's (as it is commonly known as) is a very friendly establishment located within Columbian Square, right off of route 18 in South Weymouth, MA, 02190. 

I have been to Bob's only a couple of times before, but it is an amazing place to go, that is for sure. From the outside it may not look too special, but once you go in and give it a shot, I believe you will be thuroughly pleased. The food there is delicious, being given multiple options for both breakfast and lunch. 

Bob's Muffin Shop is well known around Weymouth for it's delicious muffin's, and food, but it is also known for being very town oriented. Companies in Weymouth such as, Snyder's Jeweler's, Park Avenue Market, Bailey's Package Store & Deli, and a few other local businesses, advertise though Bob's Muffin Shop to raise money to give students at Weymouth High School. This money goes towards a scholarship for when the students graduate. The staff that works here at Bob's is known to be much like a family and you can feel like the love and genuine care that the staff has for it's customer's right when you walk in. 

The shop itself is not very large, or very extravagant, but it deliver's a home feel that you can't get just anywhere. The store is incredibly clean and welcoming.There are tables for large groups, as well as "diner style" counter seats for those that come in as pairs or individually, and the place attracts people of all ages. Be sure that if you're going to stop by on the weekend, that you arrive early because Sunday's tend to be really busy!

If you're a coffee guru, then I'm not sure if Bob's Muffin Shop is the place to go. Their coffee is not "bad", however it isn't anything you can't get somewhere else. They sell Chef's Quality, 100% Columbian Coffee, while also providing three flavored syrup's; Hazelnut, French Vanilla, and Caramel. 

If you're going to be around Weymouth and in the area, be sure to stop by Bob's Muffin Shop. If you find that you like it there, stay up to date on all the goings on, by liking the Bob's Muffin Shop's Facebook page or by looking up the shops personal website. Enjoy! 

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