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Java Stop in Feeding Hills, MA is a new small family owned coffee shop. It opened December 9, 2013 and is serving the town of Agawam and Feeding Hills. The coffee shop was easy to find and despite being on one of the busy roads in Feeding Hills is not too noisy.

The location of the shop is convenient because there is a Jiffy Lube next to it and a dance studio above it. Also it is almost across from Agawam Junior High School which makes it easy to access not only to walkers but to the parents that may want a fresh cup of coffee before picking up their Junior High Schoolers.
Craig and one of his employees.
   The owners of Java Stop are Craig (in picture on left) and Heiti Jurasz. They were tired of not getting quality coffee at local coffee chains so they decided to bring good coffee to the towns of Feeding Hills and Agawam.
As seen below, they offer a mix of different drinks and options. They also encourage people to create their own and it might end up being named after the person that created the drink. They also offer regular coffee and a veriety of teas.

The picture on the left is from a picture that they had on the wall and the one of the right is their work space. The shop is small but it is not too busy. I liked that people there were friendly and helped me decide on what to order. It was a welcoming atmosphere and there was also a place to sit down and enjoy your coffee.

In the Shope they serve Pierce Bros. Coffee. It is fair trade, air roasted, organic coffee. They also have a water processed decaf which means that chemicals are not used. The coffee is grown in Guatemala and Mexico. When I tasted their coffee I thought it was very good. It had a smooth flavor and was good black. You also recieve a Coffee Club Card which allows you to get a free coffee after your 9th cup.  

After going over the incredible amount of options I finally decided on a hot Chico's Chiquita and a pretzel twist. I was thoroughly impressed with the coffee which had banana, nutella, and salted caramel. It also came with a chocolate covered espresso bean which definitely made my eyes glitter. The coffee was fantastic and so was the pretzel. The pretzel was a very soft non-oily bread with a salted outside. Also they let me taste their black coffee and it was very rich and smooth. I was beyond satisfied with my visit and options. I will definitely go again.

Review by Natalya Riberdy

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