Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sol Bean Cafe

Sol Bean Cafe

    Hey everyone I'm Tim Felix. For my coffee shop, I went to Sol Bean Cafe in Middleton, MA on rt 119 main street. I live in North Reading, MA but pass by Sol Bean to go to my workplace Richardson's ice cream. Sol Bean opened up in May 2006 and has progressed substantially. Sol Bean has won awards for best North Shore coffee, and also best lunch, breakfast, and takeout.
   When I went in, there were lots of people. Most of them were business people not so much college students. This was not the area where you could sit and be on your laptop. It is a place where you grab a quick bite to eat or the type of area to catch up with an old friend.

As mentioned, Sol Bean is located on 119 Main street. There are 2 Dunkin Donuts close to Sol Bean that are both under a mile apart. Sol Bean is also surrounded next to McDonalds, Cumberlands, and other small shops. Even though there is a lot of competition, Sol Bean does well. 

Sorry that this is a bit blurry. When I went into Sol Bean for the 1st time, it was very decorative. This is what they offered for coffee which I found to be a big list. The line was huge and scattered. Several people were waiting for what they ordered. But a lot of people were walking out with a bagel and a coffee. I went into Sol Bean on Friday morning around 10am.

   Sol Bean offered a lot in terms of food. It was to the point where the letters were so small on the board. Even with a lot on the board, they only had a staff of 3 people working. I waited about 1/2 hour to talk to one of the staff members but they were in busy mode the whole time. Being the 1st time I went to Sol Bean, I didn't expect it to be that packed.
   Inside, it was very small. Lots of people were cluttered up, most of them waiting for their orders. What I liked the most about this was it was decorative on the walls. Sol Bean had its awards and had an artsy side to it. Sol Bean seemed to care about the roots of coffee and definitely displayed it with a cultural sense

I pass by Sol Bean every time when I go to work. It was cool going into Sol Bean. But, I would most likely stick to Dunkin Donuts because I'm so use to it.
Another reason ironically why Sol Bean has done well is because it is under 0.1 miles of my ice cream parlor. Our ice cream parlor delivers all over New England ( In BSU, we deliver to Skinners, Sugar Hill Dairy). We've won awards for our ice cream as well. When people go to Richardson's, they pass by Sol Bean so that could give it attention. But, Sol Bean deserves credit because they have progressed year by year. Even though I may not go back, I would recommend it for people who are into small cafe's or a get together.

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