Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taylor Shelton

The coffee shop I chose to visit was @UNION. 
@UNION is located on Harvard Ave in Allston MA.  As you can see Harvard Ave is right off of Commonwealth Ave.  The green line takes you right into that area, where the "T" is and from there the cafe is just down the road on the right, as shown.
All of these red dots are the surrounding Dunkin Donuts that were located around the cafe.  As many as you see they Dunkin Donuts really had no affect on the cliental that @UNION has.

The coffee from @UNION is from Colombia and Brazil.  A waitress had informed me of this, along with it being organic coffee.  To top that off, all the coffee here is certified for fair trade, which I was very glad to hear.  I personally did not try the coffee; although, when walking into the cafe the smell of the brewing coffee was delicious, strong and bold.  I also noticed a banner outside the cafe that stated the coffee was roasted there daily.  It is hard to see but it is in the picture below.
This is the inside of the cafe, very bright and welcoming.  This area was spacious to fit many tables, maybe too many in my thoughts.  However, people were very friendly and the experience was overall uplifting so I did not mind sitting so close to other friendly people.
Below you can see an image I captured of the coffee menu.  Almost all of the items are actually coffee related, besides the bottom right where you can see smoothies.  I was one to purchase a smoothie, fresh fruit, and I must say it was delightful!
I was lucky enough to visit this cafe with a friend Jack Franklin, who also did his project on @UNION.  

He was one to try the coffee, iced, and mentioned that it was a bit too watered down.  When I did take a look around I noticed that mostly everyone had a coffee, none that were iced though.  Even people coming in and out for take out always left with a coffee in their hand either with or without the food.  Speaking of food, I got Eggs Benedict on a bagel with smoked salmon and I have to admit it was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. 

Overall I had a great experience at @UNION and would recommend the cafe to everyone!

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