Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A college town is the last place I would choose to place a coffee shop. In a day and age where you can throw rocks from one Dunkin Donuts to the next chain coffee shop, the college demographic does not seem like one which is appealed by coffee shops. However, the Better Bean coffee shop seems to thrive regardless of its close rivals. Located in the center of East Bridgewater, less than half a mile from a Dunkin Donuts and Honey Dew Donuts, Better Bean is tucked away, not much of an eye opener to the standard passerby. However, inside I found a well organized coffee shop, with businessman in suits discussing what seemed important papers. I almost felt out of place being a college student, even though the worker behind the counter was around my age. The shop was filled with paintings and coffee decorations, such as bags and posters. The store also had some unorthodox decorations such as a stuffed Yoda and giraffe. I was told their coffee was from Central and Southern America. Unfortunately, the line was very long the day I visited the shop and I did not have a chance to try the coffee.

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