Monday, April 20, 2015

Uncle Jon's Java House

For my coffee shop visit, I chose Uncle Jon's Java House, located at 88 North Street, Mattapoisett, MA. This shop has been in business for over 20 years!


I visited on a Saturday afternoon around noon-time, so the early morning coffee rush was over. While I walked in, I saw a young couple (probably in their mid-twenties) walk out with their order, and while I was inside, a middle-aged man came in to get coffee.


This particular location is Walk-In only. There is no drive-thru, tables, or chairs. However, there is another location of Uncle Jon's Java House in Marion, which has the sit-down option.


Even though this location is small and only caters to Walk-Ins, I thought it was extremely inviting! On the slider window in the picture above, there are posters and advertisements for local events.


After my friend and I got our coffee, I interviewed the woman behind the counter, Maria, who just happens to be a BSU student as  well! She told me that the coffee shop gets their coffee from Ocean Coffee Roasters (located in RI). Maria told me that "This coffee is WAY stronger than Dunks...". I also asked her if she knew if they sold fair trade coffee and she said they do, but she is unsure what country it comes from. Maria also told me that she has worked at this location for over six years and her favorite part of her job is meeting new people and talking with them.

The nearest Dunkin' Donuts is located two minutes away.

I would definitely recommend Uncle Jon's Java House to everyone I know! The back roads to this shop is filled with beautiful scenery as well (lakes, hiking trails, farms), so you could definitely make a day trip out of it. I know I will be going back soon ( :

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