Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hopkinton Gourmet

Hopkinton Gourmet is the definition of a local coffee shop that has a sense of community and comfort.   Located in the downtown area of Hopkinton and approximately 100 yards from the starting line of the Boston Marathon. 

A small yet spacious environment there are only a few tables to relax at, but that is not necessarily the type of coffee shop this is. With it's clientele being a majority commuters and students in the early morning, not many stay to enjoy the shops comfort. 

This wonderful establishment is owned by none other than the Dave Phillips. He has owned Hopkinton Gourmet for the past nine years and it continues to grow in popularity each year. Dave is originally from England and always welcomes his customers into his shop with a friendly smile and hello (in a strong English accent!).  We sat and talked with him for about an hour and after only a few minutes we could sense his passion and love for the coffee industry. He even told us that if he was in this for the money he would be doing something completely different. Being the social butterfly that he is, he always welcomes new customers and looks forward to seeing new faces everyday. While we were with Dave, we took a quick walk to that park nearby and within 10 minutes of walking he greeted about 25 different people; all of whom being loyal customers for some years now. 

Pictures of the menu, including: Breakfast sandwiches, house coffee (Red Barn), lunch sandwiches and other beverages sold.
To go off of the caption above, the house coffee is Red Barn Coffee. Roasted in Upton, MA has been the go to coffee for many Hopkinton Gourmet customers for years. Being of Fair Trade and reasonable pricing, the relationship between them and Mr. Phillips has only grown with each passing year. 


Busiest time of the day - 6:00 am to 10:00 am
Mostly commuters, teachers and students (prior to start of school)
40% students / 60% professionals
An observation he has made after owning the business for 9 years is that more younger people are starting to drink coffee at a younger age. 

This is a small shelf that Mr. Phillips keeps in the side of his store. It contains business cards, flyers, and marathon memorabilia of many local shops. Adding to the sense of community. 

43 Main Street,
Hopkinton, MA
Monday - Friday -  6:00 am - 4;30 pm
Saturday & Sunday - 6:30 am - 2:00 pm 
(508) - 434 - 0435

By: AJ Vernaglia & Jonathan Pires

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