Thursday, April 16, 2015

Coffee Milano - Middleboro, MA

For my coffee shop visit I stayed local and went to Coffee Milano in my hometown of Middleboro, Massachusetts. If you zoom into the map you'll see that there is a Honey Dew directly across the street from this little cafe, and three Dunkin Donuts within 5 minutes.
Though this small shop is less than a five minute walk from my house, I had never been inside until a few weeks ago for this project. I've now already been twice since that initial visit because I love it so much. For my first visit, I went during lunch time and immediately ordered a hot black coffee so I could get an idea of what their basic coffee tasted like. It wasn't anything great but it wasn't horrible. There are plenty of other types of coffee and flavors to try though, so if you're not looking for the highest quality coffee you should be pretty happy. Below is their drink menu (the chalkboard look always feels so homey) and you can see they've got a lot to offer and much of it is not even coffee.
There was not a lot of information about the coffee available. All I could find out easily was that it said it was arabica and Colombian. Because it was lunch time, I also ordered a turkey sandwich with my coffee. It took me a good twenty minutes to decide on this though because there were so many options. Check out this sandwich menu:
I was completely overwhelmed. There was also a huge salad menu as well:
There is also a full page breakfast menu. I don't know how I ended up with a turkey sandwich but it was a good one! The general atmosphere of the place was great too. As soon as I walked in I was greeted and the workers were extremely friendly and gave me a menu to sit down with until I figured out what I wanted. There were plenty of seats of different kinds: couches, regular tables, and high top tables. The whole shop is bright and open yet cozy. I love this doorway from one side of the dining room to the counter area:

There was also a bar-type table facing the window but there were a few older men sitting there who seemed like regulars.In fact, as I sat looking at the menu I noticed a lot of people coming through who seemed like regulars. The workers seemed to recognize customers and their orders immediately. I've been going to the same Dunkin Donuts ordering a medium iced regular every day for 2+ years and still get the wrong coffee half the time. The only reason Dunkin Donuts is my regular is because of its convenience and drive thru, but I think I may need to add Coffee Milano to my morning routine. Even though Coffee Milano was very busy, it still seemed laid back and peaceful, like a place you could sit and read or do homework. Overall, I think Coffee Milano is a great little shop. It does not necessarily have the best coffee in the world but I would say it is still better than most coffee chains in the area. It is really the food and atmosphere that gives this shop its edge, and it is that edge that keeps Coffee Milano going even across the street from a coffee chain.

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