Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes

The coffee shop I visited was Neighborhood Coffee and Crepes in Boston, MA. I had originally wanted to go to the Meow Parlour in NY but they were booked for days and nothing beats a coffee with a crepe to go along with it! A little less then a mile a way from Fenway Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes is located on 96 Peterborough St. and is settled into the middle of a neighborhood (where the only people who can park anywhere close to it are residents, and I of course found out the hard way with a $30.00 ticket as a souvenir.)

 The Cafe was small but cute on the inside there were about 4-5 tables with chairs on one side and a long booth on the other. It doesn't quite feel like a place you would stay for a long period of time, but they do provide an industrial power strip for multiple people to use to charge their devices. They also hve books and games on a shelf that are available to the customers. Although they have a small inside they do provide an outdoor space in front of the shop to sit and eat. I really liked that they had that so if you bring a dog with you, you can sit outside and enjoy it with them instead of feeling like you have to walk around with a coffee in your hand around Boston.Especially because I would have liked to bring my pup with me but I didn't know what I would have done with her when I found the coffee shop I wanted to go to, now next time I know I can take her to the park watch some sails go by then have a nice crepe and latte with my pooch sitting by my side!

While I was there I tried the mocha latte with a Razz Red Velvet crepe, although I prefer just the traditional crepe with powdered sugar and maple syrup the crepe was absolutely delicious, and as one who doesn't drink much coffee I drank the mocha latte without any sugar and that says a lot about how good it is. The only downside of course being in Boston, was the price. A little on the high side and being a broke college student it was pretty pricey for me. However, it was worth it.They do sell fair trade coffee which comes from George Howell. They sell multiple types of coffee beans you can buy and bring home to make that come from different countries.

One occurrence that happened while I was there that really made me appreciate them and like them as beings was when a man that came in who clearly didn't have much money  who apparently goes there often was having some trouble and the workers insisted on him taking his coffee for free. You don't see many people that are willing to help those that don't fit a certain stereotype and it made me feel really good knowing that they are willing to help those people and make them feel comfortable going into their shop.

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