Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Farmer Horse Coffee

Farmer Horse Coffee
 374 Massachusetts Avenue 
 Boston, Ma 02115
 (617) 982-7183

  Up and down the 16 miles of Massachusetts Avenue, a wide array of businesses offer service to those exploring the area.  From the bustling corners that surround Northeasten University through Central Square or Harvard Yard- Mass Ave has a spot for everyone.

For local artists, students and coffee enthusiasts, one such spot is Farmer Horse Coffee. Located on 374 Mass Ave, Farmer Horse Coffee brings to life what coffee dreams are made of.

  Upon opening the front door the customer is greeted by the tempting smell of freshly brewed coffee and soothing disco music. The coffee shop, which opened last May, was brought to life by two young Ethiopian men. Despite being the new shop on an old block and having terribly brutal winter, they already have a steady clientele. Farmer Horse Coffee was opened with the intention of bringing fresh coffee from the source to cup. The two men wanted to bring the coffee culture they were raised with and serve it to Boston.

The shop offers an array of warm, chocolatey pastries and mouth-watering vegan (and gluten-free style) sandwiches. Of course, they also proudly serve Ethiopian style drinks including smoothies and coffee of yirgacheffee bean variety.

 In addition to their excellent menu, they are more than happy to support their local artists. While dining, chatting or surfing the web, the customer is welcome to play their music of choice or leave their drawings upon the walls. The shop also hosts an open mic night. The set includes the talents of poets, singers, clubs and other various organizations.

 Farmer Horse Coffee won me over with their free-spirited atmosphere and passion for coffee. I truly suggest making this part on the adventure down Massachusetts Avenue.

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