Thursday, April 23, 2015

Redeye Roasters Coffee + Espresso Lounge


Redeye Roaster Coffee & Expresso Lounge is a local coffee shop located 20 miles from the city and 20 feet from the water in Bare Cove Marina at 3 Otis Street in Hingham with a charming view of Hingham Bay to add to its quaint beach town ambience. Redeye Roasters is the only artisanal roastery and café in south suburban Boston.

Redeye Roasters have 22 seats, eight tables, a sofa and a bar that surrounds their old-world San Franciscan roaster. Here they roast and brew their own coffee offering it in hot or iced along with tens of other beverages such as espresso, lattes, teas, and hot chocolate. The also offer café style foods such as muffins, croissants, homemade breakfast sandwiches, and gourmet grilled cheeses.

“We started roasting at home out of an obsession to see just how much flavor we could romance from the most carefully planted, tended and processed beans we could get our hands on. Hour after hour, over and over – years before we opened the café – we roasted and experimented with different beans until we learned everything there was to know about coffee.”

Redeye Roasters purchase their beans directly from growers through specialty coffee importers who know the farmers. These local roasters search out beans that have been handled and processed with great care, sample roasting every bean before buying– always making sure that the growers are paid a fair wage.

Along with their in-house menu Redeye Roasters offer merchandise such as apparel, coffee brewing tools like the French press, and of course bags of their ground and whole bean coffee to take home and brew yourself. 


“We’re not your ubiquitous coffee shop – we’d never roast that dark. We’re one of a newer wave of coffee roasters who know that lightly roasting very high quality beans is the way to produce complex, nuanced flavor.”

Kelsey Butler

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