Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Green Bean

For my coffee shop visit, I decided to go not too far from my hometown (Freetown, Ma) to experience "The Green Been" (New Bedford) for the first time.. From a perspective that has grown up hearing of the wrongs things that have happened to New Bedford over the past 30 years, it was rather impressive to see that there are a many businesses thriving to give a new appeal to the city. As for the restaurant itself, The Green Bean instantly appeals to the "non-corporate american coffee drinkers" with a sign that many should take the time to

Inside the restaurant, there was a very diverse crowd of people. Many college students from BCC (same block) stopped in and out, there were many what seemed to be "regulars" gathered in the restaurant, as well as police officer. The overall experience is very laid back and enjoyable, and the staff was friendly. The menu itself offers a balance of options suitable to both vegetarians and meat lovers. With a variety of omelettes for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, smoothies, and baked goods it seemed suitable to a variety of appetites. However, as pleased as i was with the food as well as the atmosphere, i found the coffee to be the best.
The Coffee and Tea trade was by far the best portion of the business. I was surprised at first when i heard that the coffee brewed at Green Bean was purchased from Coastal Roasters, a business that I visit often and had no idea the two had any affiliation. I appreciated the mutual interest between the two local businesses had in supplying the public with coffee of a higher value, both to the consumer and producer. After researching Coastal Roasters coffee a little further, I found out that there house blend was a mix of beans from both Africa and Latin America. The house blend coffee does meet societies current trend of Eco-friendliness, being both fair trade organic and equal exchange, (to the eyes of someone who is currently realizing the problems in the whole trade of coffee, there is much more to be done). My friend whom i was with ordered a vanilla latte, which was very strong and tasteful as well. The shop also offered the customers a wide-variety of what seemed interesting tea's flavors, however that is all i can say due to my individual devoutness of coffee.

For my first experience at Green Been, it was hard to find dissatisfaction. Well multiple visits (sure to come) can give a more edged perspective, I would highly recommend one whom is appreciative of higher quality to make the unorthodox stop to New Bedford, home of the Green Been.

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