Monday, April 20, 2015

Double Dutch Espresso, Harlem, NYC

Double Dutch Espresso

Double Dutch Espresso doesn't only serve espresso but they also serve your ice coffee, and hot coffee but next door to them is their bar. The shop offers lunch specialties, and pastries of the day. When I had went the sandwich was a Roast Beef on wheat with some specialty sauce. Inside the atmosphere was very calming, with dim lighting, soft music playing (not like ocean waves but pianos with some other instruments), not very bright colors, more of a rustic look, but also the door was open along with the sliding window. It's located at 2194 Fredrick Douglass Blvd., New York.

     Monday - Friday: 7am - 8pm
       Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 8pm

 To get to there was a short walk from my boyfriend's and as you approached you could smell the coffee. But to my surprise I did not see a huge roaster, I don't think I saw one at all. But inside there were many places to sit with a group or if you wanted to sit somewhat alone there was a bar with stools along the left side. The space was however a little tight, it was rectangular shaped but they made it work. I decided I didn't want to sit but to walk outside and enjoy the day- 67 and sunny.

The menu was short but still had many options to choose, and didn't exactly display what types of coffee they had, but they did serve different type of espresso shots, and different types of teas. They also had wheat-grass plants growing on the counters for different types of drinks. For my choice of what I wanted I stuck to what I know and decided to get a Iced Mocha- for $4.50, on the expensive side but was so good. And by far the best one I probably have ever had I think it's because the wake-me up that you get from the coffee, it was just something about it that made it taste so good too- more importantly it had the mocha that made it see to come completely together. 

On the website you see their menu, and also a link to the bar- that is located next door and they both host events.

-Michaela Sinkevich 4/20/15

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