Monday, April 27, 2015

Java Jungle - Catie Hanlon

The coffee shop that I visited was Java Jungle in Hull MA, this atmosphere was decorated like a jungle and the woman that owned it was very welcoming. She had expressed her love for coffee with me, this was a one of a kind shop and  she also expressed that how long she has been in the business. Before taking this class i didn't know all that went into the coffee and the beans.  she explained to me what the process was and shared everything she knew she gave me different coffees to try also, She also knew about fair trade, the difference between arabica and robusta and what shade grown is. The beans are locally roasted in rhode island but she gets her beans from all over the world. All her coffees had no added syrups and they are all ground.The company that roasts the beans has been family owned since 1880 the mills family. The owner of java jungle also said she attends Cooperate America. The shop was a great place to be in general they had wifi so you could come relax have coffee and hang out with your friends. She also had a drive thru on the side of her shop! this was a one of a kind place and across from the beach, if your every in the area i recommend you try Java Jungle.

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