Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thinking Cup Boston

-- by Dylan Moretti 

Adress: 236 Hanover St Boston, Ma

Inside View
Thinking Cup Coffee has three shops located in Boston. There is one located on Hanover st, one on Tremont st, and one on Newbury st. Thinking Cup is the first coffee shop in Downtown Boston to serve Stumptown Coffee and Third Wave Coffee products exclusively. Stumptown, originating in Portland, Oregon, was named "best coffee in the world" by NPR, The New York Times and USA Today. This is great because you know exactly where you are getting your coffee from. 

Outside View

Since the shops are located in Boston close to many colleges there are always students coming and going whether they are staying there to get some caffeine and study or they are grabbing a cup on their way to class. The Thinking Cup can get very busy sometimes and it is very difficult to find seating depending on when you go, however, the staff is very good and keeps things moving quickly. 

The Thinking Cup does not only serve delicious coffee and what some people say are the best cappuccinos in New England but they have a wide variety of Breakfast and Lunch Sandwiches as well as an option for gluten and dairy free products. If you are ever in Boston I suggest you stop by any of the Thinking Cups and grab a coffee and a bite to eat, it is a very cozy atmosphere and you will never be let down.  

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