Monday, May 9, 2016

Kiskadee Coffee Co.

For my cafe visit I went to the glorious town of Plymouth, MA and went down by the waterfront to Kiskadee coffee company. I went to visit the coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon on a bit of a dreary day. I went with friends from my work who are also fellow coffee enthusiasts. The coffee shop is a two minute walk to the water and located right in the heart of Plymouth. This is a very busy area and on a day when the weather is just right, it can be tough to find a spot to park, however this was not the case on this day. The building itself is quite contemporary and has an inviting appearance.

18 Main St, Plymouth, MA 02360





The shop had a steady flow of customers throughout the duration that I was there which was about two hours. The shop was very well laid out and had good balance in it; there was tables and chairs to sit and have a large group and also an area with rugs and comfy chairs to sit quietly and get some work done. The demographic of the customers varied, but most of the people I spotted during my time there were college age students and working professionals either spending time with friends or catching up on a bit weekend work.
 Although they are on the coast and right by the water the shop has a very original, earthy feel. Upon entering, I noticed the wood floors, quaint music playing and felt as though I had stepped into a shop along a side road in Maine. This to me was the perfect atmosphere because the shop holds an atmospheric value regardless of the season; it does not have to be a bright sunny spring day for one to want to stop in and grab a cup of Joe.


The menu that Kiskadee offered was quite extensive, and just by looking at it for a few minutes it is quite clear that coffee is the main emphasis here. They offer numerous kinds of frozen coffee's, cappuccinos, espresso's, and everything in between. The group I was with and myself tried a good portion of the menu and we all liked almost everything we got our hands on. Myself, I had a Brazilian  Machado which was a special of the day. It was a medium roast that honestly I very much liked and was just the type of coffee I prefer, bold but smooth. We also tried the house blend, a few espresso's (pictured below), a frozen coffee, and sampled some of the sandwiches and cookie's which all were quite good.

Double Espresso


The service at Kiskadee was pretty good, everything we ordered came out to us in a timely fashion and the employees were polite and helpful. The first one that I attempted to get some information from about the coffee and the business itself was not that knowledgeable as she had only been working there a few months. However, she did refer me to the other woman who she was working with who was more knowledgeable. She informed me that Kiskadee is owned by two brothers, one who deals with the front end of the business and is there quite often (just not the weekend afternoon) and the other deals with the coffee aspect; this means acquiring the beans, machines and dealing with the roasters. All of their coffee is from Speedwell roasters in Plymouth that is actually right down the street from the shop. Most of their coffee is fair trade but not all of it, coming from areas allover such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Guatemala etc. Speedwell roasters is actually run in part by one of the brothers who is involved with Kiskadee which was quite interesting. All in all, this coffee shop was definitely a gem and a place I will be back too in the near future I am sure. I would recommend anyone who visits the area that "will not be seen until they have their caffeine", like the sign at the counter said, to go and check it out for themselves.

Me with my Guatemalan house blend

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