Sunday, May 1, 2016

Better Bean Coffee Co. - Bridgewater, MA


    Better bean coffee co. is located in Bridgewater, MA. It is located on the rotary in the center of Bridgewater, a walking distance from Bridgewater state university. Although parking can be limited, it is worth the walk if you live on the campus. I visited with my boyfriend on April 22nd, and it was about 75 degrees outside. It was decently busy inside, and there were several students doing work and a few professors talking amongst themselves.  

    There were two young people working, but one was fairly new and didn't know how to make the drinks. There is a huge assortment of hot and iced beverages, including frozen drinks and smoothies. They're very popular for their unique sandwiches, so i ordered one called 'What a Ham'. The sandwich was big enough to split in half, and although the wait was long, it was well worth it. 

    I ordered a frozen chai, and my boyfriend ordered a strawberry smoothie. Under any other circumstance I would have ordered coffee if it wasn't seventy five degrees out that day. There was also no a/c, but they did leave the door open to let in the breeze. 

    I asked the barista if she knew the origins or anything about the type of coffee they brewed there, and she did not know much as well as the other man working. They were both relatively knew, so all they could tell me was that it was very fresh. I was disappointed at the lack of information I had about the types of coffee they brewed, but I was happy with the frozen beverage i ordered. I did go back that same week on a colder morning and ordered a hot latte, which was much more satisfying than dunkin donuts. Since I work at dunkin donuts, it was a nice change of scenery and taste. I brough my laptop with me to do homework, and it was a very relaxing atmosphere. I plan to go back many more times in the fall when I return to school. 

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