Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cilla's Coffee House

5 Liberty Lane, Norfolk MA
Review by Theresa Dustin

Located near the Norfolk train station, Cilla's is the perfect location to grab a coffee or some breakfast to begin your day, before heading on the train. Or if you are in the area, stopping by Cilla's Coffeehouse is definitely worth it. 

When you arrive at 5 Liberty Lane, you will see Cilla's Coffeehouse, next to a Physical Therapy business. Cilla's has been in business for about a year now. 

As you enter into Cilla's, it is a comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming environment. There is no drive thru, but the line is not too bad, at least on a Sunday morning. The atmosphere makes you feel like you are at home, with the fire place and television. It is the perfect place to bring your family and have a conversation over a cup of coffee or some of the breakfast foods served. All age groups seemed to be enjoying it, as parents walked in with their young children, there were some elderly couples, and a few teenagers, but not many. Although most people were simply enjoying each other's company, there is Wi-Fi available, as well. 


The Guatemalan coffee taste just right and is brewed to perfection. Need some flavor? Perfect there are all sorts of flavors to add, which are seen in the pictures above. However, it taste just right as black coffee, as well.

If you are interested in stopping by and grabbing coffee or some breakfast the open hours are as followed:


Also, if you like their page on Facebook you get 10% off your order, so go ahead and like Cilla's Coffeehouse on Facebook before stopping in!

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