Saturday, June 28, 2014

Rick's Music World, Raynham Ma

Hours of Operation 
Mon-Thu 11am-9pm
Fri 11am-6pm
Sat 10am-5pm
Sun 12pm-5pm

Rick's Music is a instrument shop and a small school of musical instruction. Found on RT 44 in a little corner of it's mini plaza, they have a small cafe open to anyone who wants to sit and enjoy a little coffee, food and music.

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Rick's Music is a delightful place to spend some of your time at for a somewhat decent cup of coffee. They serve Richard Alan's Gold Label most of the time. It is a light roast coffee comparable to a McDonald's cup of coffee. On occasion they also serve an additional choice, usually a flavored coffee such as blueberry, cinnamon roll, ect. The bags of coffee they use are pre measured, pre roasted, and pre ground to be used in a coffee dispensing machine. This takes away from the potential of the cup of coffee but this should not deter you from trying out the place as they have much more to offer.

Their cafe on the left offers plenty of snacks, personal pizzas, sandwiches, and soft drinks. On the right there is a small stage and seating arrangement where you can listen to many talented students or even live bands play. The people who work here are extremely friendly and know quite a bit about music as to be expected. So if you want to enjoy a little place with some good music, give Rick's a try and maybe with enough support, their cafe will improve their coffee.

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