Friday, June 27, 2014

Cutty's in Brookline, MA

Cutty's, which is located in Brookline Village, MA, is a  really popular cafe that serves breakfast and lunch for a lot of customers. They have 16 seats, which is a good size for a cafe so they can maintain quieter atmosphere inside of the shop.

Even though it seems like their best recommendation and concentration is on their handcrafted bread and sandwiches, you can also enjoy coffee at this place. They also serve tea in this cafe and here is the list.

George Howell Coffee; They get this from Acton, Massachusetts
Upton Tea; They get this from Holliston, Massachusetts

So I placed my order for an iced coffee and a roast beef sandwich and both were really enjoyable. They give so much effort to keep their ingredients fresh and they were awarded for one of best sandwiches in Boston in 2013. It is a must-go place for a fancy brunch. Their main focus might not be on coffee but they said they always concern freshness for everything.

Customers were ranged from families with young kids to elder couples and the diversity was telling how popular it is. They do not have a lot of staff but each of them looked happy during the work.  

I ended up spending 9 dollars and it was a fair price. The visit to cutty's was so great and I would like to return again. It was great to know one of these great cafes in Massachusetts through this assignment. 

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