Friday, August 10, 2012

Corner cafe

In the small town of Stoughton, Massachusetts, there is a coffee shop called "Corner Cafe" located on Canton street. This shop was opened in 2012 and took over a previous coffee shop called the "Stoughton coffee Shop". Inside, the mood was quiet with a few local customers talking to each other. The people seemed to be regulars because the manager used first names to get the attention of the customers. There were only a few people inside, but the manager said business was good.

 As for the coffee, I tried it but did not like it. I'm also not a coffee drinker so I'm no the one to judge. The customers inside seemed to enjoy the coffee. I did try one pastry and it was delicious. I feel this place is more a breakfast stop before work. Its open every day of the week but only until about 1 pm. The main special for the day was pankcakes and eggs with a cup of coffee. Overall I would go back to Corner Cafe for breakfast but other than that, I would not suggest it for any coffee lovers.

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