Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Andrews Bakery, Easton, Ma.

In a town plagued with Dunkin’ Donuts, Andrews Bakery is a cure for all your coffee cravings. Located in a perfect location just across from the main entrance to Stonehill College, Andrews is easy to access and provides quality coffee to an area that was in dire need. Originally a bakery specializing in homemade breads and pastries, for the past five years, Andrews has moved into the coffee scene in a big way by roasting their own coffee. As you approach the door to the Café, you may be treated to seeing the owner roasting the coffee through the window. Taking pride in their coffee, the house coffee is from La Minita Hacienda in Costa Rica, taking the green beans and roasting them to a dark roast. Unlike many specialty coffee stores, Andrews does not charge a premium for the high quality. At a unheard of low price of $1.93, you can get a large (20oz) coffee of unmatched quality. Depending on the time of day (and season), you can see a mix of Stonehill students, families, and people coming in to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and their choice of breakfast or lunch. The café caters to both those who wish to sit down with their spacious and comfortable seating area, and those on the run with a drive-thru window.
                When I arrived at the café, I was greeted first by the smell of freshly roasted coffee and baked breads, and then by a friendly staff who enjoyed their jobs unlike those at the big chain coffee places. Given that it was a very hot day out, I opted for one of their iced house coffees. The low price was one of the first things that made them stand above the rest, as I was used to paying almost double for lesser coffees. I was pleasantly surprised by the distinct flavor, with its subtle hints of flavor. As I sat to enjoy my coffee, I noticed that the café also stocked a selection of coffee makers, featuring Bodum products. Overall it was a pleasant experience and a welcome change to the daily grind that is the larger chains.
Final Verdict: Great coffee roasted on site, welcoming environment, and the pleasant and fast service combined with the fantastic price make Andrews Bakery a great local coffee house.
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