Friday, December 4, 2015

Shops to Look For

 A Coffee Maven Referral

The great thing about being Coffee Maven is that friends always share new information about coffee and cafes with me. This is the only reason that I am fairly successful in my efforts to learn something new about coffee every day.

Yesterday, that was a nice new list of cafes to explore throughout the United States, courtesy of Food & Wine. The list includes several I have heard of, and one that I visited earlier this year. I was at the Boulder outlet of Boxcar, which my friend and coffee-class alum Sullivan had recommended. He had worked there when he arrived in Boulder, and was working down the street, directing the coffee program at a high-end juice bar. The coffee scene in Boulder is so intense that he has now been hired away to improve the coffee program at a bakery in the same area -- he was recently profiled on Coffee Daily News.

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