Thursday, August 20, 2015

Customer Guide

A Coffee Maven Advisory

Stock DD photo makes rare appearance on this blog. Read below to find out why.
We interrupt this blog about what cafes can do for customers for an excellent article about what customers can do for cafes. More specifically, for cafe workers.

Blogger extraordinaire Odyssey tries to help out customers and her fellow Dunkin employees by sharing 20 "rules" for customer success. I use the quotes because of course these are not mandatory. But they offer insights into what employees are trained -- formally and informally -- to expect. 

Some of the tips here are about sugar, cream, flavorings, and other things that no longer apply to my coffee experiences. But the majority of these tips are applicable to ANY coffee shop, and boil down to one word: RESPECT.

A big lesson from my work in the geography of coffee generally is that all work is worthy of respect. From the invisible work of the millions of people who grow and process coffee to the worker across the counter, everyone's job is just a bit more complicated and demanding than it seems to others.

These lessons are, of course, applicable outside of coffee as well.

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