Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Better Bean Coffee Company

The Better Bean Coffee Company is a local coffee shop that has been under new ownership and management since October of 2013!
 The shop is located only a couple minutes away from Bridgewater State University's campus and is right on the rotatory here in Bridgewater, MA!

23 Central Square,
Bridgewater, MA
(508) 279-9952

Mon.-Fri. 8am to 9pm
Sat.: 8am to 9pm


I went in to the shop on a Tuesday at 10:30 am. When I walked in, there was 2 men simply socializing over a cup of coffee from the shop. As was there, multiple moms came in with their infant children to meet also over a cup of coffee. There was also a guy on his laptop taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi. The shop also had multiple regulars that picked up what they ordered and walked out the door. In the shop was evidence of what makes a local shop close to the community. They had the local newspapers, local business cards, town announcements, and art made by artists in the community.  
Better Bean Coffee Company serves Arabica coffee from a custom roaster in upstate New York. Along with brewed coffee, they also serve hot chocolate/apple cider, tea, ice and blended beverages, sandwiches, and salads. The full menu can be seen by viewing the shop's website


There are 4 Dunkin Donuts locations within a mile of the Better Bean Coffee Company coffee shop. 2 of them are on Bridgewater State University's campus along with a Starbucks.

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