Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blue Blinds Bakery, Plymouth MA

I stopped into the Blue Blinds Cafe late one evening while in Plymouth for a shot of espresso.  I had been to this joint before, but never as an under cover coffee critic.  It's location is in downtown Plymouth in view of the waterfront.  This Twelve Tribes own and operated business has a lavish atmosphere in a rustic old Plimoth Puritan way.  They also have a large selection of pastries, baked goods and specialty soft drinks on display.  I had a one track mind to get a caffeine boost, like never before, and ordered an espresso shot while my date got a small black coffee.  Too late for desert, we avoided the delectable deserts.  
 Blue Blinds uses Speedwell Coffee, a brand that takes tremendous care in its roasting techniques.  I enjoyed my espresso but am not an experienced espresso drinker, so I just thought it had an extremely strong and thick coffee taste.

     I recommend the Blue Blinds Bakery to anyone visiting downtown Plymouth.  It is in close proximity to Plymouth's nightlife and restaurants, as well as popular and historical tourist and ceremonial destinations.
                                                                                                                 Nicholas Maribett

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