Monday, December 5, 2011

Why Another Blog?

This blog grows out of the eponymous page on the Geography of Coffee portion of my "main" environmental geography web site. Just as that main page spawned the environmental geography blog a few years ago, it is now time for a blog dedicated to the good, the, bad, and the ugly of coffee shops.

The main purpose of this blog will be to allow students in my Secret Life of Coffee class the opportunity to make a permanent, accessible record of the coffee-shop visits they report on orally in class. Yes, I teach a course in which students -- among other assignments -- have to go to a coffee shop and then report to the class on what they learned.

On this blog, they will present basic information such as the location of the shop and a description of the visit, along with some ideas about the geography of the shop and the elements of its business model. Of course, a map to each shop will be included!

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